Studio 116 Photography offers beginning level workshops & mentorships

for new and established photographers looking to take their business to the next level

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Beginners Photography Workshop September 8, 2019 5-7pm

This beginners workshop helps take your photography to the next level.

Have you always wanted to learn all the functionality of your DSLR? It’s time to truly understand how to make your camera work for you & get the maximum out of your forever, treasured images. Learn how to modify settings in desired situations and make your camera work for you.

A previous attendee attended with his sister and offered this feedback:

My sister and I have been taking pictures of our children, predominantly in sports settings.  We felt comfortable tinkering around with different speeds, aperture and a few things we really didn’t know what they were doing, your insightful class was very helpful.

What we both appreciated was the lengths to which you went to make sure that we grasped how all of the settings worked. We had no idea until sitting with you for two (2) hours what we had been missing.

I felt it important to let you know I would have to imagine that others in our Indianapolis community would be greatly enhanced by these types of classes.  In addition, it wasn’t just the information that you provided, but rather the ease and care with which you provided it.

2 Hour Skype Call

Looking for a little jolt in your photography business? Collaboration is the key to pushing beyond some obstacles that you may be feeling to take your business further. Created to service those photographers that are not local to Central Indiana, this call can be structured to meet the needs of what you are needing in your business.

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Beyond the Basics Full Day Mentorship

Let’s spend the day together working on the heart of your business success… YOU! This mentorship structure allows for not only the business & technical needs of what it takes to have a successful photography business, but takes you BEYOND all of that.

As a self-professed personal growth junkie, I love working with business women to tap into your true growth potential and unlock your gifts & passions to propel your business to the next level.

Beyond the Basics 2 Day

The 2 day option of Beyond the Basics allows for us to go further in developing some of what is uncovered in our first day, as well as add on time with a live model shooting. The 2 Day Mentorship does allow for you to share your time with another workshop participant for a reduced cost to each of you, if desired.