One Day I Will

At Studio 116, we love making every session unique to each client.  But, we also love offering this tradition for everyone!  

We often joke that it's the "cheesiest" thing we do during your session, because we don't use a lot of props.  But this shot remains one of our favorites, as well as our clients & parents.  

We prompt our client to finish the sentence, "One Day I Will..."  We ask each of our seniors to go with what comes to mind first.  It can be big or small, silly or serious, but must be true to who they are.  We encourage them to think about something that will remind them of who they were at this time in their lives when they look back on these images in years to come.  

And, with that, we get our tradition of ONE DAY I WILL....

Watch the full video here

We absolutely LOVE every one of these responses and how unique they are to our special and unique clients.  

Here's to all of our 2018 Graduates - we can't wait to watch your days ahead!  

Many blessings,

The Studio 116 Team

Janelle DeWolfComment