Caroline '19

Caroline is a senior at HSE looking to attend either the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Arizona, or the University of Hawaii next year. Caroline’s adventurous and spunky personality were evident through her session and it was so fun photographing all of the fun outfits she chose. She is interested in majoring in either environmental design or interior design and has such a creative eye! I can’t wait to see how you change the world one day.

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Ellie '19

Ellie is a Thespian at Hamilton Southeastern High School and loves to do things such as sing, read, sew, and participate in the drama club. Ellie is undecided about where to attend college and is looking all over, but knows she wants to major in costuming. One of the best parts of her session was capturing her sweet relationship with her dog! We had so much fun during her shoot ensuring that each photo best represented her interests and her personality.

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Ali '19
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Ali has the sweetest smile that absolutely lights up a room and it was such a joy to photograph her natural beauty! She is super involved with Carmel Younglife and serves as a Wyldlife leader for junior high students. She is also very active in Carmel Dance Marathon’s student government and is a yearbook editor. When asked what her favorite feature about herself is, she wrote “I really love my height! I'm 6'1", and I like how it makes me different and stand out a little bit”. Here at Studio 116 we love to highlight each client’s unique features and make them feel even more confident in the incredible person they are, whether that be their height, their eyes, spunky hair color, or so on. Ali, you rocked this shoot!

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Will '19

Will is a student from Carmel High School headed to Purdue next year to potentially pursue a pre-med major. He enjoys playing soccer, working out, spending time with his friends, and playing guitar. I loved how he wanted to showcase these hobbies through his session, and we had so much fun doing so!

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Jake '19

Jake is a senior from Fishers High School on track to attend Purdue University next year to study engineering. He loves spending time outside running track and cross country as well as playing baseball. This love for sports translates into his job working at Play it Again Sports. Jake brought such a fun and outdoorsy vibe to his session!

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Alexia '19

Alexia is an aspiring graphic design major with such a creative and loving personality that is evident through the images we captured in her session! She loves to paint murals, do Tae Kwon Do, and listen to her favorite music artists Frankiie Valli and the 4 Seasons, Gorillaz, as well as Michael Buble. She brought her love for the show “Friends” to life in her session with her adorable Friends themed outfit!

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Jennifer '19

A majority of our clients choose us for our simple style that stays true to who they are.  We pride ourselves on the girls being able to feature their true selves and allow them to see their natural beauty through the camera.  Jennifer was no exception to that and I loved photographing her sweet style.


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Delaney '19

I had so much fun with this sweet soul that brought her A game with her outfits and her expressions!  Delaney is a talented soccer player that will be continuing her career next year but chose to focus on fun outfits instead of her soccer uniform.  I always let my clients choose what they want featured so that they stay true to themselves!


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Claire '19

Claire is a special part of our 2019 team, as she was nominated by peers to receive our first ever scholarship for her Senior Experience.  

I asked her to put into her own words what Real Beauty is to her and how this experience contributed to her feelings.

“Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes me to lose my hair. I am completely healthy, I simply don’t have any hair. Most people think that hair is one of the main aspects of a girl that defines her beauty. I am beyond blessed for this opportunity with studio 116 because I get to show people that beauty isn’t necessarily defined in one way. Everybody has their own unique features, varying from hair color (if you have it ;), to size, to skin color. I’m extremely excited to be in front of the camera and to have my distinctive features captured!”

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One Day I Will

At Studio 116, we love making every session unique to each client.  But, we also love offering this tradition for everyone!  

We often joke that it's the "cheesiest" thing we do during your session, because we don't use a lot of props.  But this shot remains one of our favorites, as well as our clients & parents.  

We prompt our client to finish the sentence, "One Day I Will..."  We ask each of our seniors to go with what comes to mind first.  It can be big or small, silly or serious, but must be true to who they are.  We encourage them to think about something that will remind them of who they were at this time in their lives when they look back on these images in years to come.  

And, with that, we get our tradition of ONE DAY I WILL....

Watch the full video here

We absolutely LOVE every one of these responses and how unique they are to our special and unique clients.  

Here's to all of our 2018 Graduates - we can't wait to watch your days ahead!  

Many blessings,

The Studio 116 Team

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