Emma '19

Emma is a senior at Hamilton Southeastern High school who loves to play guitar and is involved in School of Rock Fishers. She is undecided about where she wants to attend college but is planning on majoring in Elementary Education. She is a cadet teacher this year and would refer to this as her biggest accomplishment to date. You are going to make an amazing teacher one day, Emma!

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Claire L. '19

Claire is a senior at Indiana Connections Academy planning on attending the University of Colorado Boulder next year to study movement physiology and kinesiology. She participates in obstacle course racing and placed 3rd in world at the Spartan World Championships. I loved getting to highlight her accomplishments within Spartan Racing as well as her love for Harry Potter throughout her session. She also loves to go backpacking and it was incredible to include those details as well. You are going to thrive in Colorado, Claire!

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Nate '19

Nate is a senior at Cathedral High School planning on attending Purdue University to study engineering. He loves to play lacrosse and also works at a car wash in his spare time. We had such a fun time shooting all these different shots. Thank you for such a great time, Nate!

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Elise '19

Elise is a senior at Hamilton Southeastern with such a huge heart for God and people. She is involved in Younglife and Wyldlife and even spent the summer working on work crew at Timberwolf Lake in Michigan. This girl really is a special one and her beauty shines so bright. Elise is headed to Purdue next year to join her older brother, Jacob, who I had the privilege of photographing just a couple of years ago!. Boiler Up!

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Natalie '19

Natalie is a senior at Hamilton Southeastern High School who is involved in the Riley Dance Marathon Executive Team and manages for the Boys Varsity Basketball Team. Natalie loves to spend time with her friends, go thrifting at Goodwill, watch movies and sports, as well as walking her dog. This summer Natalie went on a backpacking trip through the mountains of Colorado with Younglife and has dreams of one day traveling to Iceland. FUN FACT: Natalie is a TRIPLET! You were so much fun to photograph, Natalie!

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Brenna '19

Brenna is a senior at Westfield High School and is one of eight kids! She is a gymnast but when she’s not training at the gym, she is most likely watching Disney movies with her younger siblings. Brenna has a full ride scholarship to Central Michigan University and plans on majoring in business. You’re going places, Brenna!

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Abby '19

Abby is a senior at HSE headed to Butler University next year to continue her softball career and major in business. She plays softball for Hamilton Southeastern, involved in student athletic council, and is a class officer. She loves to listen to Post Malone and is very artistic. I loved getting to highlight your athletic abilities during your session, Abby!

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Maddie '19

Maddie is a senior at HSE headed to Indiana University next year to major in marketing. This girl really is something special and we had a blast during her session capturing her spunky and adventurous personality. Maddie is involved with Younglife and Wyldlife and loves to watch any and all Shonda Rhimes TV shows. This session gave me so many Mamma Mia vibes! You’re incredible, Maddie.

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Molly '19

Molly is a senior from HSE who plays basketball and has such a big heart for dogs. She has the sweetest smile and was such a joy to photograph! Molly’s kindness and warm personality is incredible and she is so fun to be around. When asked about her favorite part of the Studio 116 experience, she responded with, “I loved how upbeat it was and Janelle being so positive when taking pictures of me”. Thanks for such a great shoot, Molly!

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Abby '19

Abby is a senior at HSE passionate about studying medicine one day. She loves to shop at Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Russe and brought this unique and vintage style to her session! She is a cheerleader at Indiana Elite and spends a lot of time at the gym working on her skills. Thanks for such a fun session, Abby!

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